Well I strolled into this roadside pub

Just to get myself some nourishment

And I happened upon this big bad dude

About to deal out some punishment


I spoke up just to say I needed no trouble and I'm only here for a drink

But to my surprise he looked into my

Eyes and it made me stop and think..



This Fool's goin out on a limb

This Fool's gonna start a fight

This Fool's gonna get his head broke

The Fool's goin down tonight..


Well this cat took a roundhouse swing at me with angst that only comes from jealousy

I avoided his hammer like a gopher at a carnival that did not change his policy

As far as he knew I was spending some time with the girl he had promised a ring

He wouldn't shut up, so I showed him my pool cue, cause I hadn't done anything




Chorus 1x


Awe that fool went out on a limb

That fool went and started a fight

That fool just got his head broke

That fool went down tonight


Yeah I strolled into this roadside pub

Just to get a drink

Said "sit your ass down boy, yeah ya better think".


The Fool's goin down tonight

The Fool's goin down tonight

The Fool went down tonight!



Lyrics and Music: McCarty


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