I see no reason for the mystery,

I see no reason for the pain

I have no answers to your questions

There must be a master plan


With all of this destruction

There's sadness in the air

But all mankind has been here

This mess he can repair


Chorus -

Hold on, Mr. Negativity

Don't ya realize, all the possibilities


Why am I crying for someone I don't even know

You ask me these questions but do ya really want to know

Compassion for your fellow man is a the first place you should start

But if that don't get ya thinkin, then imagine your babies dead and gone




You're always wrong

You're always wrong



Live on the edge, die on the edge

There's no place left to go

Live by the sword, die by the sword

There's one thing you should know


You're always wrong

You're always wrong


Lyrics and Music:McCarty



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