Got her all fired up

Yeah she's ready to explode

Roarin like a lion

All covered in chrome

Shot of smoke from the pipes

Got this V-Rod hummin

Dropped a gear and pinned it

A rollin burn out, like a rocket I'm gunnin, I'm gunnin




Ride it, ride it, ya gotta ride it, ride it like ya stole it

Ride it, flyin, with one hand on the clutch and the other full throttle

Ride it, ride it, tearin up the road and the rubber meltin on it

Ride it, flyin, flyin through the gears and I'm ridin like I stole it...


Got a hundred horses screamin

Got these wings flyin proud

Got an angel on my shoulder

And nobody around

Ain't nobody gonna stop me

I'm a man on a mission

Cause freedom ain't free, and believe you me,

I'm riding for those that died for me, to be able to..




Pre solo

Ah born free, let's ride!!




Lyrics; Smith

Music: Smith/McCarty


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