If you are looking for that gritty hard rock sound, that balls to the wall AC/DC swagger, that Motorhead 'Born to Raise Hell' attitude, and a kick of punk rock energy, look no further...” - Kristen Welcome

— Outlaw Reviews


With 2 full length studio and 1 full length live album under their belt, Rat Rod are an original 5 piece hard rock band from Philadelphia, Pa headed up by the father and son guitar due of Mark and Brice McCarty. With Mike Smith on vocals, the sound is immediately reminiscent of early Bon Scott era AC/DC. But, there's much more depth to the sound largely due to ex-Starkweather (Candlelight Records) drummer Harry Rosa. Harry joined for the Live album and brings a frenzied intensity not often heard in this genre of music LJ rounds out the ensemble by keeping the low end tight on bass. The group has been together since 2017 and has garnered critical acclaim from reviewers in France, England and of course their home country. Come to any live performance and you'll see that the band really enjoy playing together and can whip a crowd into a frenzy with their high energy show. 

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