You Roll into town like a ball of fury

Think you're a queen

Lookin to write another page to your story, oh you're so pristine

I'm the one who caught your snake-like eye, what a shame,

Baby I'm the one gonna say goodbye

And forget your name,



Cause I been sittin and I been drinkin

And I think I'm gonna keep on Walkin

I'm here sittin and I been drinkin

I think I'm gonna keep on Walkin


A drink or two of your red merlot

Is all it takes, to make your motor go

To make ya lose control, can't get no break

I'm the target of your ire, What a sin

Ya keep fannin the flames, keep fannin the fire, it ain't never end, cause



Razor sharp tongue, ain't afraid to draw blood, cuttin away at me night and day

I'm bleedin out, I shoulda kept on Walkin

When ya slithered in




Fire in your eyes, heart cold as ice

Rose full of thorns, you're black as a storm

We ain't got nothin like we did

We ain't got nothin, what a sin..




I'm done sittin, I'm done drinkin

I'm gonna get up and keep on Walkin


Sick to the core, get me right out that door, get me away from you...




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