Charles Berry started rockin the blues

Askin Maybelline, hey why can't ya be true

Presley had that snarl on his lip

Drove the censors crazy while he's shakin those hips yeah



A revolution that'll never end

All started with our parents heads down in their hands, yeah



Do you remember, do you remember Rock-n-Roll? I Do!


The Britts came along and stole the Sullivan show,

Along with every mother's desires and hopes

Left the girls cryin, pullin out their hair

And every boy wantin a life like theirs


Bridge -

Joe "Fuckin" Perry went and got a guitar

Didn't learn in school but on the stage at the bar oh Yeah!



Do you remember, like he remembered Rock-n-Roll, yeah

It's in your heart, it's in your blood and your soul

Do you remember, do you remember Rock-n-Roll?



John, Paul, Keith and Mick

Beer drinkin, he'll raisin,

It's only Rock-n-Roll, but I love it

Yes I do!!




Ah come on, can ya feel it?



Do you remember, do you remember Rock-n-Roll

Keep it alive, don't let it die, rock-n-roll

Do you remember, make them remember Rock-n-Roll

See the lightnin, feel the thunder of Rock-n-roll

Feel it!! like this!!


It's in your blood, it's in your soul, it's in your bones it's Rock-n-Roll..... Feel it!!

Lyrics: Smith

Music: Smith/McCarty


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