I wasn't sure what to expect going in. But what I found is that, much like singer Mike Smith sings in the song "Motherload", the band has both the piss and the vinegar that lets them make Four On The Floor one hell of an underrated rock and roll gem that you are going to want to listen to...a lot! 4.7 Out Of 5. ” - Jay Roberts


New Jersey comes from the Rat Rod quintet, a band devoting soul and body to the purest and most uncontaminated rock'n'roll, ” - Federico Martinelli


....it’s balls to the wall rock and roll from start to finish. ” - Stuart Hamilton

Zeitgeist The Rocker

Listening to this album is a raucous good time, and you will forget everything else, just tune in and rock out.” - Kristin Welcome

Totally Driven Entertainment

Rat Rod’s “Do You Remember Rock and Roll” reminds the listener what real rock is. It is this. ”


Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018 With Some Real Rock And Roll From RatRod.....”

Skope Mag

Does anybody remember rock and roll?  Rat Rod does!  They play rock and roll the way it should be.  Hard and loud and nothing mellow!” ” - Rys Devra

The Ripple Effect

“Light Em Up” The New Album to Be Released by Rat Rod is a Dose of High Voltage Rock N’ Roll you Won’t Want to Miss.” - Kristen Welcome

Outlaw Reviews

​South Jersey’s Rat Rod have completed their second full-length album, Light ’Em Up, a collection of high energy tracks sure to fuel the fire of an impassioned rock and roll spirit.” - Kevin Law

Philly Rock Radio

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