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No stranger to the stages, studios, and streets of Philadelphia, rock'n'roll singer and frontman, Jeremy Hugo, is excited to announce he is joining forces with lead guitarist Mark McCarty, rhythm guitarist Brice McCarty, drummer Harry Rosa, and bassist LJ, in the high-octane rock band, RAT ROD!
Former frontman for Philly-based rock acts such as, Betty Whitetrash, Custom Power Ride, and Stephanie's Religion, Hugo is ready to bring his power-house vocals, and Philly street swagger, to the stage and the studio, with RAT ROD. After a brief hiatus from the rock'n'roll scene, he's here to kick some ass and chew some bubble gum - and he's all out of bubble gum...
Hugo will make his debut with RAT ROD, hitting the stage at Reckless Shepard Brewery, in Columbia, Maryland, on Friday May 3rd.



"Four on the Floor" now Available!


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