"Lone Wolf Rider"


I'm a solo ridin, no apologizin, sailor cussin son of a bitch!

Dont need a lot of money, just a little honey, every now and then to scratch that itch

Nobody ridin shotgun, nobody holdin on,

nobody waitin on me, free as the wind, free to ride on..


 I ride alone

(Lone Wolf Rider)

 Free to the bone

(Lone Wolf Rider)

 Answerin the call

 (Lone Wolf Rider)

 Till the curtain falls,

Lone Wolf Rider...

 I bleed rock-n-roll right out my Les Paul, I have as long as I've lived.

 What I touch turns to roses, like Midnight Moses, I'll always be a DEAD END KID!!
 Nobody ridin shotgun, nobody holdin on,

nobody waitin on me, FREE AS THE BREEZE, free to ride on!


 I bleed rock-n-roll, and I ride alone..
Yeah I'm a Lone - Wolf- Rider!



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Rat Rod opening for Kickin' Valentina!!

Bar XIII, 1706 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, De

Springtime 2021, these Atlanta based rockers are taking a joy ride up the east coast, stopping here on Sat May 22nd to deliver you their tasty Rock n Roll.<<< KV has released 2 EPs (Kickin Valentina and Chaos in Copenhagen) and 3 full length albums (Super Atomic, Imaginary Creatures, and The Revenge of Rock) receiving rave reviews around the world. Their latest album 'The Revenge of Rock' (2021) released worldwide on Mighty Music/Target Group, debuted at #6 on the top 40 vinyl chart in Denmark. 'Imaginary Creatures' debuted on 5 different Billboard charts, and 'Chaos in Copenhagen' debuted at # 27 on Denmark’s top 100 album sales chart. `Album of the year, nothing more nothing less. A masterpiece in the hard rock-genre, 10 out of 10 ~Metalized (Denmark) Greasy riffs, wailing solos, and black-clad biker men who look like they only come out at night, presumably to roam Sunset Strip in search of good times and blow.” ~Classic Rocets are on sale now! https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/5112266k Magazine (UK) Also on this night: - Making their return, one of the Tri-State area's favorites, Rat Rod! - We're happy to have Zenora back in the house! - After a long absence, Maryland's Race The Rat is back! Get Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/5112266 Kickin' Valentina Rat Rod Zenora Race The Rat 16.00 adv 21+ w/ID

Tickets $16 in advance

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